Case Studies

Executive Coaching Case Studies

Chairs, Statewide Clinical Network, Queensland Health

Case StudiesThe seven clients’ goals were to develop leadership strategies and operational plans to maximise the collaboration between multi-functional statewide teams of up to 80 medical personnel that met quarterly to improve clinical services. Obtaining and maintaining buy-in from Queensland Health and the diverse members of the Network was a primary focus of the coaching, The Chairs’ roles require emphasis on leadership skills such as collaboration, diplomacy, delegation and organisation skills. Building assertiveness and negotiation skills were also common themes in the coaching and contributed to the success of the Chairs in their respective roles. Each Chair focused on assisting the multi-disciplinary network to set and achieve goals that improved services throughout the state.

Manager – Multi-Site Mining Support Operation

The manager of a multi-site mining support operation sought coaching to enhance his image. Over time it had become apparent to him that he was perceived to be difficult to get along with. The goal of the coaching experience was to explore what this image was and how he might modify how he interacted with others. At the same time, emphasis was placed upon who he was. His own values and drivers were defined. With the cochee’s permission, there were meetings between the coach and significant stakeholders to obtain valuable data to be used in the coaching process. Sessions focused on how the client could vary his behaviour and obtain his goals. A midway and final assessment of the coaching process was undertaken in conjunction with the client’s superior. Positive evidence-based outcomes were the result and the client indicated he had gained a greater level of insight into his own beahviour and its impact on others. He had found ways to modify his behaviour to maintain constructive and successful outcomes for all.

Senior Manager – Major Accounting Firm

An Economist in a culture dominated by Accountants, the client gained an awareness of how to contribute in ways that would be valued by her clients and other stakeholders. A 360-degree assessment was part of the process and provided material for the client to consider when setting her goals. 10 sessions over six months gave the client time to experiment with new behaviors and form strategies and tactics that resulted in a higher level of utilisation and appreciation of her economic analyses. Support systems were explored that yielded richer working relationships and a foundation from which to expand her work. Her Managing Partner and the Human Resources Manager as well as the client reported higher levels of satisfaction with the client’s team relationships.

Senior Manager – Major Accounting Firm

The coaching focused on the manager’s work patterns. A lack of sufficient boundaries had led to burn-out and distressed relationships. The relationship between the client and her boss was very strained. Technically a superior performer who was noted for successful business development and strong client relationships, the client lacked the interpersonal skills and motivation to engage effectively with team members. Coaching focused on behavioural change, work/life balance, delegating, building trust and managing upwards. Reports from the Managing Principal and the Human Resource Manager following the coaching were that demonstrable progress had been made by the client in these areas.