Career Transition Consulting

Career Transition ConsultingAs a Career Transition Consultant, Sally partners with others as they work their way through the maze that such a transition represents.  This transition may be a proactive move or it may be as a result of a redundancy. Building a strong relationship with the client that enables the client to maintain a robust level of momentum in their activities is critical to their successful transition.

The initial focus of the process is on an assessment of the client’s achievements, strengths, values, abilities, interests and talents that have been anchors for the individual’s career to date.

The client is then guided to assess the present marketplace with reference to their transferable skills and their motivation.

Building a resume and developing confidence in sharing whom one is with others is the next step.  Cover letters that accompany the resume in response to an ad are also reviewed.

The importance of building and maintaining a network is reinforced throughout the career transition process.

The following step is interviewing skills where mock interviews are conducted. Practice in negotiating an offer to win the best result follows on from interviewing skills.

Staying in touch to ensure the new role is unfolding successfully is part of the process.

Sally has been a Career Transition Consultant in Australia since 2002 and prior to this consulted in the field in Southern California.