Executive Assessment and Development

Executive Assessment and DevelopmentDeveloping an effective leadership team starts with each leader understanding their own leadership style and how they are perceived by others. Leadership assessment includes an in-depth interview with the leader as well as the use of personality and 360 degree assessment tools.

Sally is certified in and uses a range of instruments to enhance assessment and guide individuals in developing leadership capabilities. These well-tested indicators include SHL assessment tools, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), DDI’s leadership and supervisory development programs and Management Research Groups Strategic 360 degree Leadership Effective Analysis and Personal Directions. Sally also uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors Inventory in the assessment process.

Goal directed self development then unfolds based upon what is learned from the assessment process. Experiential exercises are an integral part of the experience. Coaching provides a backdrop from which the leader can continue to measure his or her own progress, reflecting in each session what has been achieved and where and how the next goal will be achieved. Communication with the leader’s boss is also a critical piece of this process. Evaluation at pre-determined intervals ensures that a total structure is in place.