Leadership Coaching

Leadership CoachingAn insightful observer and active and purposeful listener, Sally Kilbourne is an executive coach with over 25 years of corporate experience. Her background in leadership development, psychology, assessment, mediation, and culture change provide a solid foundation for coaching. Her warmth and interest, coupled with her incisive analytical skills, provide a strong and supportive foundation for the client’s developmental process.

She has coached in public and private sector organisations as well as government-owned organisations and non-profits in Australia, the USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Sally’s philosophy is to assist the client to assess his or her situation and develop challenging goals. Establishing priorities and agreeing on methods of evaluation are part of the process. The focus of the coaching often includes enhancing communications and relationships with superiors, subordinates and other stakeholders. The purpose of this is to assist in improving outcomes as well as to build and maintain a strong professional image. Developing the skills to communicate with constructive levels of assertiveness is an integral part of the coaching. Goals are continuously assessed by the client and strategies and tactics modified to reach the desired outcomes. The coaching process also encompasses areas for self-development that lead to an enhanced feeling of self-efficacy. An on-going evaluation of results is agreed upon and is an integral part of the coaching process, which may continue over a period of months.


Sally’s approach to coaching is determined by the needs of the client and may include:

  • Agreeing on coaching objectives determined in conjunction with the client and, at times, the client’s manager and the expected business outcome
  • Assisting the client to gain clarity on complex, at times highly charged settings containing multiple stakeholders with varied personalities
  • Obtaining client buy-in, accompanied by skills development in knowing how to navigate complex projects and manage relationships and changes effectively
  • Engaging individuals to focus on behaviours that yield enhanced team results
  • Building a strong connection with leaders where personal style issues play a significant role
  • The use of 360-degree assessment tools to engage the learner in receiving and evaluating behavioural feedback from others regarding their leadership style (includes use of MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Career Anchors and others)
  • Assisting the client to transfer learning into leadership behaviours that build loyalty and commitment
  • To build in regular time for self-reflection and evaluation
  • An enhanced level of awareness and skill-building in delegation resulting in better time management
  • Encourage independence and generate an on-going self-development plan
  • Engaging the client to assess their work-life balance and develop on-going commitment to manage their overall commitment to personal as well as career goals.

Coaching Qualifications

  • Member –Australian Psychological Association
  • Member – Australian Psychological Association–Special Interest Group for Coaching
  • Professional Development Certificate in Coaching for Psychologists (developed by Professor Michael Cavanagh under the auspices of Professor Anthony Grant, University of Sydney)
  • Certificate in Coaching from TMP (now Hudson) developed by Anthony M.Grant, PhD, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney
  • Certification in 360 degree assessment Management Research Group’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, SHL’s assessment tools including the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and Career Solutions’ Personal Directions