Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Mediation and Conflict ResolutionIndividuals and teams lose productivity and suffer from lowered morale when there is unresolved conflict. The conflict may involve two parties or be more complex between teams or at different levels of the organisation.

Sally begins the managing conflict process by meeting with the primary stakeholder. She then builds a relationship with each party that is involved. This is done through 1:1 meetings with each of those impacted by the problems. Once those meetings take place, agreement is often gained to have a joint session in which issues can be discussed openly and resolutions made as to the best way to move forward. Participative processes are used to ensure that all parties are engaged and committed to the next step.

In the case of a mediation, an agreement is signed by all parties, formalising the plan for moving forward.

Outcomes include enhanced understanding and acceptance of different perceptions. Agreement is gained to move forward with renewed commitment in what are often complex and rapidly changing situations.

Where there is a perception amongst parties that there is no common ground, recommendations are made as to alternative working arrangements that lead to a constructive and healthy workplace.